May 12, 2011

Summer Dreaming

Apologies for this late post today. Blogger was wigging out, and didn't let me post anything till now.

This is where I want to visit:

Photo by Jake Stangel via Miss Moss
And this is how I want to dress:

Milan, by The Sartorialist

And this is what I want to eat:

The Jewels of New York by Jennifer Causey for The Makers Project

And this is where I want to eat it:

via This is Glamorous

And this is what I'll listen to:

And this, my friends, is what Myrna and I are going to drink:

Put 4 ice cubes into a Collins or Highball glass.
Squeeze in half a lime, and drop in the rind.
Add one and a half ounces of gin.
Fill the glass with club soda or seltzer.
Stir briefly and enjoy.


  1. Oh this post is perfect. Lovely location, lovely dress... sunshine! Ahhh! Just what I need on this miserable overcast, cold day!

  2. I had gin rickeys at my birthday courtesy of the American Papist. They were tasty but deceptively powerful.