May 27, 2011

Quick Clippings

Just a quick few clippings, as I am away all day celebrating the ordinations of four of our Friars.  Pray for them!  Hurrah!  See you Tuesday, mi amor.

As you know I love maps.  And maps are newly vogue in the design world.  But this map really blew my mind. And it's only $30. (HT: Peter)

Of art that I have actually seen in person, the van der Weyden in Philly is one of my very favorite crucifixions. It completely stopped me in my tracks and I stood gaping at it like a total idiot for a full ten minutes the first time I saw it.  Then I explored the rest of the the room, but, without fail, every 30 seconds or so, I'd glance back at the Crucifixion to see if it was still there, and still awesome (literally, awesome). The Courtier shared the news this week that the other van der Weyden Crucifixion is being restored. (Its home is still the Monastery for which is was created.  Awesome.)

I feel like I have shown these before, but maybe not.  I love these little concrete vignettes created by artist Isaac Cordal.  I don't know that I believe all the "exploring 'the voluntary isolation of human beings' from nature" talk, but I do love stumbling across little things like this in my exploration of cities.

This peek into the design studios of Lee Jofa only confirmed my suspicion that in a former/future life: I am/will be a textile designer.

File this away in: I wish I had thought of that.  Send 25 person postcard puzzle to someone for their birthday with the help of this awesome downloadable template.  What a wonderful surprise.  Almost as awesome as getting a huge balloon delivered to your house.

Oh! how I love those boys.

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