May 06, 2011

Clippings: If...

+ Confession: I have 13 pairs of turquoise earrings.  And if I had a spare $198 I would have 14 pairs of turquoise earrings. (4)

+ If I had a house to wallpaper, I would wallpaper it entirely in these charming Indian wood-block inspired prints. (1)

+ If I had my act together, I'd make the switch over to wordpress, like the brilliant Courtier Go check out his redesign!  (6--this is the painting featured on his blog, for more info, click here.)

+ If I had been lucky enough to go to Rome for the Beatification, I am sure I would not have had as lovely thoughts as The Anchoress. (2--her photo of the beatification prep above.)

+ If only people would listen to me more, they'd put together better "spiritually significant" film lists.

+ If I was cool like Dagny, I'd make beignets from scratch.  Instead I get them at Bayou Bakery. (5)

+ If you are as obsessed with libraries and maps as I am you will love these two posts: Letters to the Children of Troy, MI from famous Authors on the occasion of the opening of their library. (Including Dr. Seuss and E. B. White!!!) and Imaginary Maps that Define the Mind of Man (including the brilliant map of The Phantom Tollbooth.) (3)

Don't forget the Our Lady of Lourdes Novena. And to check out my new Tumblr, Wonderment.

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  1. Hey, thank you very much! Count Castiglione looks to be in good company here.