April 27, 2011

Wednesday Shopping: Royal Wedding

I love the idea of a royal wedding tea towel. It reminds me of these ancient tea towels my grandma had that had calendars printed on them. 1964, 1965, etc. etc. Why not? These two are my favorite, the left being a charming interpretation of the 1960s motifs and the right a modern and fresher alternative. Also lovely is the uber-traditonal blue and white.

I once thought that Tom Tierney, the illustrator of Dover's paper-doll books, was one of the greatest artists ever to draw. Do his Will and Kate paper-dolls prove me right. No, not really.

This Liberty of London mug is handsome enough for everyday. But it's £22.50...which is like $50. For a mug!  Goodness gracious, I'd never use it.

Cheaper and perhaps more fun: an iPad app called Will & Kate especially created for kiddos.

And there are tons of fun and funny memorabilia on Etsy. Including th graphic tea towel (£10) above.  (They like commemorative tea towels in Britain, methinks.)

One of my favorite British shops, Ancient Industries, has created this excellent registry for Will and Kate, who clearly don't need anything, but hey, its fun.  (PS. I have that teapot in green and I love it.)

The Will and Kate nail decals? I'll save those for Miss Hale.

Arlington types: there is a great British goods store in Clarendon where you can get enough Lyle's Golden Syrup and Yorkshire Gold Tea to fill your hearts desire.

BONUS: Super-duper secret footage of the Royal Wedding entrance rehearsal...here.

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