April 11, 2011

To Do List

Of Gods and Men
I read somewhere that you for maximum effectiveness you should limit your to-do list to seven items. So here are seven for you and me this morning:

1) Finish your taxes, you silly oaf.  Then drink a whole bottle of champagne.  Don't feel bad about drinking a whole bottle of champagne, even though it is the middle of Lent, BECAUSE YOU FINISHED YOUR TAXES.

2) If you see someone in distress, go hug them, and hold them for as long as you can and they need.  Believe me: you need it as much as they do.

3) Don't buy beautiful flaky biscuits with ham and chives and cheddar at the farmer's market on Saturday and forget entirely about them till Monday morning when they are no longer flaky and flavorful.  Eat them right away.

4) Smile on the metro.  Seriously. (As in seriously do it, not seriously smile.)  (Also, stop using so many parenthetical phrases.)

5) With 7 friends who are either due in the next 4 weeks or have just had a baby, this is very much on my mind: pray for them and their babies.  They need the prayers early, so that we know everything goes well, and late, when their energy is flagging and all they want is to be done, and in those first days of trial when they are so tired they can hardly walk, and yet, they have joy surging out of them like a geyser.  Also, don't wake up the newborn after mass when you are so excited to finally meet him that you can help but disturb him.  I know its hard not to do this, but, seriously, don't.  Do give Mom a gentle hug and Dad an exuberant high five.

6) Listen:  (More on Ray LaMontagne)

7) At your earliest possible convenience go see Of Gods and Men.  Bring Kleenex.  (More on this anon...)

Because I can never resist adding to my to do list:

Don't forget to order your JAMS BY MAGS by Wednesday to ensure delivery for Easter.  Also, Dagny has her Easter cookies up in her shop.  SO SO GOOD.

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