April 13, 2011

Shopping: Easter Picture Books

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Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Pollacco

Well, it's time for my annual Easter Book Roundup. You've still got plenty of time to purchase these books for the Easter Basket.

Easter baskets are a big deal in our house. We don't get big gifts, but growing up we definitely got more than just see's candy. Usually it was either a book or a movie. (The best year was when we each got our very own Looney Tunes Videocassette.) Incidentally, my parents are celebrating their first Easter without kids at home this year. Mom always did the work on these baskets, just like she does for the Christmas stockings. I'm so curious whether she and Dad will exchange gifts this year. Well...I sent something, but parents these days are so bad at self control. I really don't think they'll wait till Easter to open my package.

Anyway, I know a lot of parents use the Easter basket as a time to buy another religious picture book for their collections. But don't forget the silly books too! For reviews of my favorite "secular" Easter Books, including The Easter Egg Artists and Roger Duvoisin's Easter Treat click here.  Many of these books are out of print, unfortunately.  But you should be able to find used copies, if you keep your eyes peeled--year round.

There are a number of Easter books that aren't biblical, but are still generally religious.  Reschenka's Eggs (above) by Patricia Pollacco.  It succesffuly draws together some of the most wonderful Easter customs and traditions: the coming of Spring, the decoration of eggs, the joy of rebirth and resurrection. It is a feast for the eyes, and a joy for the heart, and therefore, it is perfect for Easter. My full review is here.  I've also just learned of Tasha Tudor's A Tale for Easter, which seems to fall in this same category.  And is lovely.  Because everything she did was lovely.

My very favorite Easter book is sadly out of print and difficult and expensive to find.  Petook: An Easter Story was part of Caryll Houselander's collection of short stories for boys and girls (some of them are available in Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls--but not Petook--still, it'd be a good book for older kids!).  Tomie dePaola illustrated this version (the one I have), and it is just perfect.  Read my review.

Here is a quick list of other religious books that would be great for the Easter Basket (links direct you to my previous reviews):

+  Biblical stories and adaptations by Brian Wildsmith
+ Saint books by dePaola (again) and others
+ The new Ignatius Press books: 1, 2.
+ The Story of Easter by Aileen Fisher and Stefano Vitale
+ At Jerusalem's Gate by Nikki Grimes
+ All Things Bright and Beautiful by Ashley Bryan

Jesus by Brian Wildsmith

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