April 06, 2011

Shopping: Affordable, Original Art

These original watercolors are formal enough for a dining room, though
the kitchen might be their natural habitat. 
Lucile's Kitchen on Etsy.

I have the distinct impression that in 10 years these colors will look so dated, but
right now, I love them and this abstract print.  Mara Caffarone for Little Paper Planes.
Original Icons are hard to come by and expensive for the most part, but
this Etsy shop has many beautiful icons for under $100. Iconsart on Etsy.

Original Oil by FFournier.  Etsy has lots of really affordable oil painters. Michelle Arnold Paine is another favorite.

I love graphic pints like this, from The Big Harumph.  Don't you?

There are some amazing etching artists, like Larry Welo (above) and Chartwell

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