April 19, 2011

Jazz Love: Dave Brubeck's Mass

Guys.  GUYS.  I really don't know what to think of this, but I absolutely had to share with you: Dave Brubeck wrote a mass. I knew from The Courtier that Brubeck is a Catholic convert, and then Mom told me that he wrote the Papal Mass for JPII's visit to San Francisco in 1987 (Which, by the way, I think I must have heard because my parents were there, so I was too, right? I have absolutely no memory of it though!).

And of course, even if he wasn't Catholic, it is not at all unusual for a composer to write a Mass--it is one of the essential musical forms to master, of course. Well below is a video of his "Hope!  A Celebration Mass", as performed in Russia. Jazz-wise: I love it.  It sings and zings.  And, oh, Dave is having so much fun up there--the kind of fun we had in high school when we got to sing a really fast exciting Christmas carol at Mass.  I love it!  But it seems more appropriate as a concert piece than a part of an actual Mass.  (But then, so does Mozart's Requiem.)  And anyway, not all religious art needs fit in with the actual worship and liturgy of the Church.

I wish I knew which part of the Mass this was.  It is in Russian, so I can't tell.  It seems like a Gloria, given its triumphant nature.


  1. 'Fraid you weren't there. We only got two tickets.


  2. Anonymous9:13 PM

    We are performing the Mass To Hope here in Napa on December 11th if you are interested in more details: www.napavalleychorale.org.

    Here's to Hope!
    Karen Frost
    President, Napa Chorale