April 05, 2011

Jams by Mags Easter Sale

Well, kids, I have sad sad news.  I am utterly incapable of making anything with grapefruit.  I just don't understand the fruit. Whenever I try to cook it, it refuses to cooperate and turns into this vile, bitter, sour, sad mess.  So, the Greyhound Marmalade will not be available this year. This, and the fact that one of my jellies didn't set, delayed the shop opening a day. So sorry about that.

Let me tell you about this batch of jams.  The Apple, Pear and Carrot Chutney is the most beautiful chutney in the world.  I was singing to it and about it all evening. (It's true. Ask Myrna.) I am completely in love with it.  It is the deepest ruby, with brandied apples, seckel pears, lemon, and carrots.  It gets it heat from ancho chile and a deep musk from cloves and coriander.  I don't know if I can recreate it, so you better get it soon.  (This is not gluten free. Neither is the Onion Compote. Everything else is!)

Guys: also really really good: wine jelly and mint jelly.  The Pinot Noir Jelly would be divine on a soft creamy cheese and crusty bread.  Or, as we did last night, by the spoonful.  The Mint Jelly is delicate and vibrant (lots of lemon to make it POP!), and would suit your Easter lamb perfectly.

Pinot Noir Jelly with apples and lemons steeping in my new jam pan.
The apples and lemon have lots of pectin, which helps the jam set.

Marmalades are mostly new to me, but I am having so much fun (grapefruit notwithstanding).  I've tried every method: whole fruit, sliced fruit and soaking and boiling, and they are all great.  But so much work.  Chop, chop, chop!  Well, the Chunky Marmalade with Champagne and Cardamom is pretty standard for a marmalade, but with a little hint of warmth from the spices.  The Blood Orange Marmalade with Star Anise and Szechuan Pepper is intense and a little musky.  If it were a person instead of a jam it'd be the mysterious and dashing European man you meet on a train and talk to for hours before he disappears into the night. (You secretly hope he's a spy.)

But my favorite, and, I predict, yours, is Janet's Dreamsicle Marmalade.  I have to tell you a little story about this jam.  As you may remember, my Mom does not eat fruit, yet, she is the one who taught me to make jams. The only jam I have ever seen her eat is marmalade.  I've never seen her eat an actual orange, but I have also never seen her pass up anything that was orange flavored. 

But what I remember most of all (and have suddenly been craving a lot) are those popsicles with vanilla dipped in orange ice. So this marmalade is inspired by those (and her!)--a traditional orange marmalade with lots of delicious vanilla beans.  Millions of them.  Because that's how much I love my mom.  Millions of jars of love!

Ok, enough silliness.  Click the jam titles to purchase, or email me for a big/special order.  There are very limited quantities, so grab them while you can.

Pouring the Mint Jelly.  

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