April 11, 2011

I'm an Expedition!

I watched two great movies this weekend. One, Of Gods and Men, is still running through my brain, sitting, in my thoughts and challenging my prayers.  I will speak more of it shortly, but in the meantime, just, go see it, ok?  Words fail to describe its beauty, its grace, its sadness, its strength.

Last night, for a great change of pace, Myrna, Sidecar, and I watched an old Perry family favorite, Gunga Din.  It's a rollicking good time.  Made in 1939, it is a hopeful, British-win-all romp through India.  But it has some truly terrifying times (I remember being stiff with fear when Cutter stumbles into the temple, every time I watched it).  And its hilarious too.  Plus, the only thing better in the world of possibly great movies than Doulas Fairbanks and Cary Grant is Douglas Fairbanks, Cary Grant, and bagpipes.

(It was also funny to note that the man who played the Guru is named Eduardo Ciannelli.  He's clearly from India.  All the Indian water-boys and soldiers look like Mexican farm workers, too.  And India had a stranger resemblance to the Tejon Pass.)

Cutter, Cary Grant's character, has all the best lines. I love him in this because he;s rather crazy--and he is just so funny when he is crazy. "MacChesney, I've been a soldier for fourteen years. I know my duties as well as you do. But you're not talking to a soldier now, you're talking to an expedition. I'm an expedition!" (I am totally going to start saying "I'm an expedition!" now!) Also: "Eight feet away from where I'm sitting, right here, there's enough gold to make me sole owner and proprietor of a pub as big as the Crystal Palace. Best pub in Hampshire."

Of course I am recommending this fine film to you all, but I'd also like to recommend taking the time to introduce a friend to an old favorite film.  It was so much fun watching it with Myrna and Sidecar--seeing where they were tense and what they noticed, and laughing with their new delight and discovery. It has been a long time since I'd seen this movie, though I know it so well, it still felt like watching it for the (almost) first time.

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