April 12, 2011

An Easter Memory

via Miss Moss

One Easter I went up to Canada to visit with W & M and their families before they were married.  It was one of the most peaceful, joyful weeks of my life.  We hiked, and sang, and prayed, and baked bread and M's brother was boiling syrup on the wood stove all day long, and one night we even climbed out onto the woodshed and watched the stars.  There was also great sadness: a dear friend of theirs had died on Good Friday, and the burial was on Easter Tuesday.  It had snowed in the night, so we shivered out in the cold after the funeral mass, to bury her and throw cold hard dirt on her grave, while they chanted in traditional Easter hymn, Christ is risen from the dead, vanquishing death by death, and on those in the tomb, lavishing life.  

That week was a microcosm of all life: food and laughter and fresh air and discovery and prayer and sadness and loneliness, death and sorrow and life and joy and peace.

This photo reminds me of their kitchen table, where we crammed all 8 of us in the booth, grabbing at left over ham and sharp cheddar and the fresh bread and big pots of cheap black tea. Some of the best meals of my life.


  1. I just love this post. I'm left so inspired by your words, the picture, all of it! Thank you for the enriching my afternoon!

  2. er...just enriching. Not the enriching. ;)