April 28, 2011

Day Trip: Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College

When I lived in the ghetto near Philly, I consoled myself with an almost daily drive up through the charming village of Swarthmore.  It had lovely houses, and the slate roofs of Swarthmore College sat pleasingly on big green lawns set back from the road.  It's laundry mat was the cheapest in the area, and its farmers market had tons of marvelous produce.  But the best attraction, by far, was the Scott Arboretum. Spread all over Swarthmore's campus, this 80 year old arboretum founded in honor of Swarthmore Alum Arthur Hoyt Scott, was founded to showcase the best plants for growing in Southeastern PA. One day in late April the last year I lived there, I wandered from the huge cherry tree grove (where I first learned that cherries are part of the Rose family), to a gated, Shakespearean Rose Garden, to luscious peony beds, to the forested hillside flanking the Swarthmore creek. If you live within a hour or two of Swarthmore, do, take advantage of this lovely weather and explore this wonderful arboretum. (It's a dry town with bad restaurants, though, so catch a bite to eat in nearby Media afterwards.)

All photos are mine.  See the whole album here.

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  1. Thank you for the Swarthmore pictures, I proposed to my wife there, quite an enchanting and magical place.