April 05, 2011

Art Blog Dailies

Interno Baccio Maria Bacci (1888 - 1974)
from Art Inconnu

As I mentioned earlier this morning, I could spend hours looking at all the great artwork available online.  I love that nearly every work of John Singer Sargent can be found in his online gallery.  None of it compares to seeing the works in person, clearly, but since these works are scattered all over the world, hidden in private collections, etc. I am glad to have a chance to enjoy and study them.  

Old Masters and famous artists aren't the only one featured online.  A wealth of fantastic sites have cropped up featuring little known artists, or profiling the works of a particular period or medium.  Art Inconnu, above, for example, has a simple mission:
Collected here are works by artists who are forgotten, under appreciated, or little known, as well as news, reviews and ephemera from the corners of art history. Works of startling quality can be found beyond the big names in the visual arts, whether it is just one exceptional work, an area of an artists oeuvre, or an entire career worth re-examining.
He has some amazing modern and particularly American artists, but is as likely to feature a 16th century Italian, as he is a late 20th century German.  His site is not one I visit when I need a little eye candy--rather his simple posts (with little or no extra information about the artist or school or period) engage in just the right way: they encourage me to see in totally new ways.

A atypical Van Gogh, recently featured on Lines and Colors
(It actually looks like this today in Washington)

Other daily art reads:

+ Charley Parker (of the blog Lines and Colors) has the broadest scope of any art blogger I know.  He has graphic novelists and Vermeer, and fascinating art news, and everything in between.  I am always intrigued by his finds, and have discovered quite a few favorite artists (both contemporary and not) through his blog. He also always points out the new sources for high resolution art images.  Also comprehensive and fascinating: Underpaintings.

+ I have recently discovered, and completely adore, The Textile Blog. Its goal is to provide detailed research for the history of textiles, tapestries, wallpapers, rugs, and so forth.  Recent posts include AW Pugin's Wallpaper, and a look at the Bayeux Tapestry.  Plus they provide lots of links for further reading.

+ Animalarium is a strange but really awesome blog that celebrates animals in art and illustration.  I especially love her Sunday Safari--she picks one animal or theme, and showcases illustrations and paintings of that animal or theme from all over the world: animals reading, ominous wolves, penguins, animal folk art.
+ Love for Books is a Scandinavian blog which tends towards the sentimental--but I love it because it proudly features children's book art as art.  Also, she finds some interesting pieces by artists I already love. (A Madonna by Mucha?  Yes!)  Also semi-sentimental, but still quite pleasant: The Daily Painting.

+ There are a couple random blogs that often feature interesting art, and are daily reads: Ancient Industries and The Persephone Post are my favorites.

Christine de Pizan writing in her study, recently featured on The Persephone Post.

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