March 02, 2011

Shopping Guide: Ready for Spring

This blog serves as my memory reminder, and I was going back through the years and have come to the conclusion that the following statement is absolutely 100% true:

I have never been so ready for Spring in all my life.
I don't know if it is the amount of work I have been doing, or the fact that february was a waste for me because of this stupid cold/flu/cough/oh-no-I-have-bronchitis adventure that's been going on for the last three weeks. It's been a cold winter, but I don't feel like I've particularly noticed.  I've been too busy.  And it's certainly nothing compared to last winter's snowpocalypse.  Maybe it's because I haven't made jam in two months.

Well, today's shopping post is all about spring.  Please come quickly, my love.

Switch those ragged flannel sheets for crisp linen.  Bay Area based retailed Rough Linen creates linen sheets the old fashioned way: broad weave flat sheets with plenty of room to tuck in and fold.  Starting at $128/per sheet, these are an investment, but they are really heavenly and will last forever.

The only thing better than green dresses are green shoes.  Especially darling t-straps. (Sechylles)

This captures the feeling Spring gives me.  From the awesome Etsy print shop TheBigHarumph
This deep green blown glass vase would be perfect for the first daffodils.  And the first tulips.

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