March 15, 2011

Quotable: In This House of Brede (3)

"And you needn't worry about being useful," said Dame Ursula.  "'When you have become God's in the measure He wants, He, Himself, will know how to bestow you on others.'" She was quoting Saint Basil.  Then her face grew wistful.  "'Unless He prefer, for thy greater advantage, to keep thee all to himself.' That does happen to a few people.  Yet, paradoxically, they have the greatest influence."

"Like Dame Beatrice," said Sister Constance.

"Or a lay sister quietly saying her rosary."

--In this House of Brede, by Rumer Godden

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  1. Gwen Adams11:07 PM

    Fabulous! I just introduced my sister to the marvel that IS Rumor Godden. She has to make herself put Brede down because she "loves loves loves Dame Catherine." (My sister is 19. ) I love Brede, too, but Episode of Sparrows is, I think, the best, of epic quality.