March 10, 2011

Meatless Meals: Moroccan Stew

(Please Note: now that Lent has started, I'll be posting a meatless meal every thursday afternoon, in preparation for Friday.  You can find all "meatless meals" posts here. Enjoy!)

Last night Little Gidding has us over for dinner, and Carrot made the most amazing Moroccan Stew.  Now, she lived in Morocco, so she didn't have a recipe.  Listing off the ingredients when we asked her, she laughed and said: I always forget at least one.

The stew has a tomato base, plus basics like onions and a leafy green (she used spinach) and the old North African standby, chickpeas.  What makes it Moroccan is the spices: cumin, coriander plus fresh cilantro, paprika, garlic, cinnamon, pepper, etc.

Since there's not hope in getting her exact recipe, and I forgot to take a picture of it, I will share with you Smitten Kitchen's squash and chickpea interpretation.  Carrot served it over cardamon spiced rice, rather than couscous. Yum! Yum! Yum!  (Photo above by Smitten Kitchen)


  1. I like that you call her Carrot :)

  2. Do you take your own photographs?

  3. Sometimes. I always credit the photo if it is not mine. This one is from smitten kitchen.