March 03, 2011

A Few Rules about Sees' Candy

Yesterday my Valentine's Day present from my mom arrived.  (We're notoriously bad about sending packages on time in our household.) And in it was a half-pound box of Sees' Candy. I brought them over to Little Gidding to share with the girls, which was great fun because three of them had never had it before.  (More shockingly, Miss Hale and Stearns had never even heard of it before!)

I had to explain to them that Sees is clearly the best chocolate ever. That it is beloved by Californian's everywhere.  That it is present at every holiday without fail.  And that there are certain rules when it comes to eating Sees.  I don't think we ever had the rules spelled out for us, but they are as familiar to me as the Ten Commandments.

1) Sees candy must be shared.  The whole enterprise is built on generosity.  Walk into any store and make a purchase and they'll give you an extra one free.  You must share.

2) It is best to educate yourself on the varieties because you cannot take one, poke the bottom to discover its contents, and then put it back.  Once you pick, your decision is forever.  In our house this means that many of the fruit ones sit for a long time. Even though lemon and raspberry are our favorites, you have to be careful lest you get the dreaded pineapple.

3) You never remove the little black papers.  I don't know why, but you just never ever do.

So, there you have it.  The Perry Rules On The Eating And Enjoyment Of Sees.  Do you have any strange rituals regarding your favorite treats?

(Ps. You can order Sees online these days.)

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