March 30, 2011

Delightful: Dresses with sleeves

Many people are remarking on the longer hemlines we're starting to see (and thank goodness too!  I work with priests!  I can't be wearing mini-skirts!) but I am also happy to see some summer dresses that actually have sleeves.  Sleeves can be so elegant and give such structure to a dress.  But in the past few years all I ever see are cap-sleeves, which look good on no-one. Well, here are a few lovely, oh-so-current, sleeved dresses that are inspiring my spring & summer shopping:

Helen Mirren at Graumans Chinese Theater
Amber Valletta for Vogue
Dona Monroe Bird Dress ($360)

Toast Laika Dress (£115.00)


  1. Great post. I LOVE that Helen Mirren dress... it is so awesome.