March 25, 2011


Photo by Vivian Maier
I'll be out M/T/W of next week.  I'm going on vacation for a couple days and even though part of it is a "staycation" I don't intend to use my computer at all. In the meantime, pray for the success of our Gala, and read below:

+ IMHO the OED is in la la land about their recent additions. Unless I'm supposed to LOL about this. Tell me, oh BFF's--should I still ♥ the OED, or is it totally fabless?

+ Tried Google's new recipe search yet?  Been a little frustrated? My favorite internet food source has some valuable critiques (Food 52)

+ When my mind gets back from event planning land, this is the first thing I am going to read: Dana Gioia on Catholicism and the Arts.  And then I'll read Peter Lawler on the Liberal Arts.

+ Not everyone in Portland(ia) is crazy.  Take one of my favorite author/illustrators, Allen Say, for example.  He's sane and lovely and so right:
There's a large unfinished oil painting of her on an easel in his studio. Asked about it, Say smiled.

"I'm a storyteller," he said. "I can't just make pretty pictures ... At one point, I used to rationalize and justify my position by saying I felt that I was doing legitimate art disguised as children's literature. I'm not sure if I really feel that way now."

Why not?

"I don't think it's disguised," he said, laughing. "I'm not disguising anymore."

+ With Fug Madness in full swing, I have been a happy camper, but the best thing from the Fug Girls all week was Jessica's diatribe against the photoshop guru behind Tina Fey's recent In Style cover.  (Also: why isn't "fugly" being added to the OED? Who's with me?!)

+ There's a wonderful mutual exchange of awesomeness between Miss Hale and I (it helps that we're neighbors), so I told her *that* Elizabeth Bishop is a painter. And she took the initiative to find out more.  And blog about it.  The paintings are in folk-art style--and, as she notes, incredibly ironic.  She leant me the book, so I expect to write a little more about them sometime in the near future.

+ $400 and 30,000 negatives and discovery of one of the greatest street photographers of the 50s. Vivian Maier. (via RCA) And below is a sideshow of some of her work. It's remarkable.  The photo above is hers, and you can see more here.


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  1. Fug Madness is the best! A classmate and I are obsessed with their J. Lo "Hola Lovers" converstaions.

    (I'm just comment bombing you today. Have fun on vacation!)