February 03, 2011


Myrna and I joined a winter farm share two weeks ago.  I'm not really sure what possessed me, considering that we got a sackful of squash, turnips and potatoes.  We did get the most divine eggs, though.  AND mushrooms.  But, yeah, a lot of squash. Don't get me wrong: I love squash.  But its not something you can cook the moment you get in the door and be sitting down to a meal in thirty minutes. And weeknights, 30 minutes is about MAX for me (despite all my protestations against Rachel Ray, she has a point.)

So squash is relegated to the weekend, and weekend means festivity.  So I've been on the hunt for some really stellar squash recipes.  And I have to say: this Butternut Squash with Roasted Garlic Galette may just be the winner.

UPDATE: Oh. My. WORD. We made this on saturday and it was just heavenly. Adaptable too. We didn't have ricotta, so I used plain yogurt, and mixed in a hefty dose of sharp white cheddar and parmesan. We used the Trader Joe's herb pizza crust, because it was easier, though we had the hardest time getting it to be round, so we made it square. (PS. Quick defrost tip: soak the dough in a plastic bag in hot tap water.) The herbs did not compete at all, and were in fact quite nice since we didn't have any fresh thyme, as the recipe suggests. Also we put the most amazing sausage (from Polyface Farms) on top after browning it in the skillet. Divine.


  1. I just discovered your blog through Maria Koshute -- I'm enjoying looking through your posts! Is your winter CSA the Farm to Family one out of Richmond? I'm doing that one, too, and yes, it was a lot of squash! The recipe looks awesome.

  2. Yes it is Farm to Family! :) Thanks for commenting!