February 07, 2011

Signing off (for the week)


There is a professor at Georgetown I dearly love who always--no matter what--signs his emails "pray for me".  No capitalization.  No punctuation.  Nothing.  The first time I received such an email, I was almost shocked by its bluntness, afraid he was ill with something.  But in sickness and health, he always signs off just like that.

Well, this week I am doing the same.  Last week I worked, on average 12 hour days.  This week looks to be about the same.  Plus I have a couple other writing obligations elsewhere in the blog-sphere.  So I am going to be quiet over here on 10KP in the hopes that all my energy that usually goes here can be directed towards, oh, I don't know, making my bed, and folding my clothes, and generally not letting my life fall apart when I am working such long hours.  You understand.

pray for me --mep


  1. I hope you know this already, but I pray for you all the time. It's the least I can do considering how much I make YOU pray for ME--but you've got extra special prayers coming your way this week, love. Prayers, and cocktails. See you tomorrow!

  2. After going through a few years of overwork, stress and worry, I've recently begun to really enjoy taking time for the things you're describing. I make my bed every morning, I wash the pots and pans by hand, and I fold and organize my clothes. My friends kid me that I'm turning into a housewife, but really, it's just nice to feel normal and healthy, you know? Of course you're in my prayers.

  3. Yes, I will pray for you. I am a proposal writer and sometimes have to work like that for long periods, sometimes without weekends. I agree with you that to keep your home in some kind of shape is really important so that you don't get depressed by the sight of when you come home. Hope you the time you are working at least goes fast and hope you'll soon be back! Thanks for all the work you pour into your fun blog. I always find something interesting here!