February 16, 2011

Shopping Guide: Letter Openers

Emily Hale asked me after I did my paperweights shopping guide to make one for letter openers.  This is considerably harder, because, like letters, letter openers are disappearing.  At an office supply shop you can only find long thin murderous steel rods that bruise your hand if you use them repeatedly.   Additionally, you can have a bit of flair for your letter opener, which means it is a much more personal object.  But here are a few awesome vintage ones, as a start to your shopping.  Some of these prices may seem a little prohibitive, but I am of the opinion that you can spend a little money on something that is really pleasing, because they will last forever, and you will use it nearly every day.

Brass Knight ($15)
Brass and Mother of Peal will add a touch of luxury to any desk. ($28)
Art Deco Opener and File ($55)


  1. I especially like the knight! I am slightly confused by the file!

  2. Search Etsy for "letter opener" and you will find some great handcrafted wood ones at pretty decent prices!