February 03, 2011

Online Design Magazine Round-up

Well, I've mentioned some of these online magazine's before, but I thought it was time to do another quick roundup, as many of them are becoming quite established and with a big following.  I admit, I have a difficult time reading them on any regular basis, as I really don't like looking at my computer screen for that  kind of thing.  And I wonder how large their monitors must be, that they can read the type in those silly fonts they use.  But...whatever.  There's some great stuff out there, and one day, when I get an iPad, I'll really get to enjoy it.

This is perhaps the most stunning one bedroom apartment I've ever seen. from Matchbook.
Matchbook  is really more of a lifestyle magazine than a home design one.  The first issue was ok, but long, and a bit repititious.  For example: they showed the apartment above from every possible angle. But it is just one bedroom, and could have easily been featured in fewer shots.  I think since the technology is free (or, free-er than printing on paper) online magazines, as a rule, tend to think more is more.  That's not always true.  But I did enjoy this first issue and look forward to the next.  And the editor-in-chief, Katie Armour is adorable and so genuine.

A bohemian modern living room from High Gloss. I'd switch out the paintings. Otherwise its perfect.
High Gloss brought out its first issue yesterday.  I read to the end...but only because there was a 20 page tour guide of Napa at the end.  I will look forward to their next issue to see how it grows.

Food styling in Rue
Rue magazine has, first and foremost, amazing photography and great styling and layout.  I mean, I think I'm going to be craving salami for a week because of the photo above.  It, like Matchbook, tends toward the lifestyle rather than home section of the newsstand, covering everything from hosting parties, to clothes spreads, to house tours. It is also a little too self-aware of its awesomeness: each issue has, somewhere in it, photos of the Rue team having a great time together. I understand the thinking behind this: if we're having such a great time making this, then why don't you have a great time reading it.  Ok, ok, I'll stop being a grouch and join the fun.  Especially if I can have some salami and olives.

The perfectly layered bed, from Lonny
My favorite of these online magazines is, of course, Lonny. I've said before, and I'll say again: it is the best replacement to Domino around, and I am always glad to get the email saying a new issue is live. It is also the one that has been around the longest--it celebrated its 1 year birthday two issues ago--and is the most focused in content: home style with a splash of fashion and food mixed in.  But just a splash.  This is how I like it. Also their tastes are pretty eclectic: from the bohemian to the mod to the traditional: they cover it all.

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  1. I have never heard of Matchbook! That's fun, I look forward to browsing through it.