February 25, 2011

Clippings: Look! It's Pretty!

I am going to do a totally visual clippings post this week.  My brain is tired. All I want to do is look at pretty pictures.

Miss Moss did an amazing roundup of British Designer Mary Katrantzou's recent collection, 
paired with these stunning specimens of chinese pottery. Golly: I love Miss Moss.
  I found our oyster recipe: bacon wrapped oysters.  Yes!
Is not this room perfect?  via Book Lover Never Go To Bed Alone
I just discovered the work of California artist Terry Miura. His landscapes capture one of 
the things I love most about the north Bay: the light. He's now on my "to watch" list.
Babies are very much on my mind right now.  Two dear friends had baby girls in the past week, and several other friends have babies on the way in the next two months. So, yes, I was completely charmed by photographer Carolee Beckman who is taking photos of herself with the fruit that her baby is the size of as it grows in her belly. Um.  ADORABLE. (via: A Cup of Jo)
Red coat?  The answer is always yes. (photo: Garance Dore)


  1. maggie, that book room would make Ben a happy man for the rest of his days. . . . .so awesome.

  2. These photos are beautiful! I have stumbled across your blog by accident, but love what I see! We seem to have the same taste on many things. Thank you for having such an inspiring archive!

  3. Mags, I love this post. I love the concept of taking the picture with the fruit--cute without being too fufu about babies.

    Great idea on bacon... did I tell you? J and I are going to make our own! Now to find someone to sell us salt petre....