February 24, 2011


This photograph by Steve Roche of the Peak District in England for National Geographic took my breath away yesterday afternoon.  Just last weekend a friend told me she wants to cure me of my anglo-philia, but, as long as England keeps producing places like this, I will love it with all my heart. (You can download this photo and use as a wallpaper here.)

Sorry for the silence the last couple of days. I have had bronchitis, and have basically slept for three days straight.  Oh yeah, and watched episodes of All Creatures Great and Small. Like I said...I love England.  Feeling much better now, but so much to catch up on, so posting will be light for the next couple of days.

PS. Yesterday I posted the essential starter library on LLB.  Check it out!  Let me know what your essentials are for a kids library.


  1. Inspiration for the setting of the story I'm writing... The outskirts of the village! Thanks, Mags. You're the best!

  2. Colleen10:07 AM

    The fact that All Creatures is available for streaming play on Netflix now makes me very, very happy. I watched the entire series in the weeks following my comprehensive exams a couple of years ago!

  3. Thanks for publishing the photo.