January 24, 2011

Who I'm Marching For

Every year when I walk the March for Life, I like to keep in mind all my friend's babies. I am marching for them, and for the world they will grow up in:  

Angelica, Zita, Julia, Lucy, Gretta, Knox, Simone, Margaret, Edith, Timmy, Henry, Isaac, William, Gianna, Will, Hugh, Mattias, Timothy, Genivieve, Violette, Kathleen, Emily, Owen, Jonny, Bella, Alexandra, Gabriel, Ava, Avila, Olivia, Gianna, Marianne, Anne, Max, Cordelia, Raphael, Benedict, Simeon, Magnus, Aerland, Hilja, Bertie, Edith, Vincent, Abigail, Maria, Joe, Gemma, Paul, Sebastian, Anna, Philip, Nick, Patrick, Bailey, Maddy, Grant, James, Alexander, Kristiana and Anne...

...AND: a bunch of babies due in the coming months.  (I think I know 12 ladies expecting right now!!!  Hurrah for life!)


  1. The fact that there are two Giannas on your list suggests the culture of life may, just may, have a future.