January 27, 2011

Shut Up!

Ah! This snowday has been fantastic. I have been working away at my kitchen table, which is probably my favorite place to be. And I've been watching clips of What Not to Wear. I forgot how much I love that show. During rather dark days when I hated my old job, I would come home on fridays and make dinner, and watch 3 episodes straight of What Not to Wear, and then go to bed. Does that sound depressing? It wasn't: it was a total rejuvenation of spirit. Every week these remarkable women--single moms, and teachers, and nerds, and firefighters, and army wives remarkable but familiar, the kind of women I know and love in my own life--who would learn how to take care of themselves, and put their best foot forward. Stacy and Clinton are really quite kind too--they're hard when they need to be and gentle when they need to be, and always encourage the best in everyone. And I just LOVE it. (You can see clips of the past seasons online.)

Here are some recent before and after shots from What Not to Wear:

Linda wanted to be pretty, not provocative.

Lizzie shed her nerd for a little glam.

Sarah found out that trousers are as comfortable as jeans (more!)


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  1. I LOVE that show, Mags! I was always wishing Stacy and Clinton were a pair outside of the show....but at least they are a lovely team to watch ~AF