January 10, 2011

Shopping Guide: 2011 Calendars

I had so much fun doing the 2010 Christmas Gift Guides that I think I am going to continue to do gift/shopping guides. There is are so many wonderful artisans out there, and I love sharing their work.

Now, I am a huge calendar person. I usually have three or four going around the house and office. One in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, one in my office, plus my daily planner and google calendars. Most of them I use simply to quickly look at the date, or up coming week (and to inject a happy dose of beauty into my routine). I only really keep track of things in my planner (usually a Moleskine).

If you haven't gotten your calendar yet, there are quite a few lovely ones still available.

Flower Garden Calendar by 1Canoe2 (they have several more styles)
You can print this calendar yourself, within minutes of purchasing.
Their blank calendar would be a great kids DIY.  ($5 ALittleHut)

Snapshots of a farm in this fun desk calendar from Brown Parcel Press

One of the pricier options, but so lovely in its simplicity, from Satsuma Press.

I love the simple colors and sketch style of this one page calendar from Paper Breakfast

For the music hipster: Best Lyrics Ever Calendar from The Wild Unknown

This fun poster calendar has room for notes and a charming sun from Caitlin Keegan

Vibrant colors and patterns that characterize places all around the world, from J Hill

I love the abstract patterns of Flora Douville's calendars.
I think I'll get one next year.

Font geeks, unite! Neutra Font Calendar via Design*Sponge

And, last but not least, a lovely printable produce calendar from The Cottage Industrialist.  Produce is clearly a big theme these days.  I love it.


  1. And if you don't have the $$$, here is an adorable freebie from blogger Alice Cantrell. http://www.scribd.com/doc/42250170/2011-Calendar

  2. that's lovely! The last one I posted (the link, from Cottage Inductrialist) is also free.