January 26, 2011

Jazz Love: Julie London

I love Julie London. Have I told you that? She is one of my all time favorites--mostly because if I ever was trained as a jazz singer, I'd fit perfectly in her range (though I don't know that I could ever emulate her smoky voice). A native of Santa Rosa California, she was married to Bobby Troup for 40 years--Troup was a jazz musician and composer. They played together, and her collaborations with him made her interpretations of classic standards less pop and more jazz centric. Her slow songs are exactly as I like them: intoxicating and deep. Her fast songs are swingy and fun. Here are a few live videos I recently discovered, from a live performance with the Bobby Troup Quintet in Japan:

One of my favorite Nat King Cole songs--she does it so well!

Two of my all time favorite songs: Come Rain or Come Shine and I Left My Heart in San Francisco.
(Give me a break...I know it's a cheesy song, but I AM from there!)

This is, of course, her classic ballad. So sultry and haunting.

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