January 29, 2011

The Golden Hour

What I've discovered, after what feels like a lifetime's cooking, is that anything which hold true in the kitchen is just as true out of the kitchen.  This is one of my mantras, and I fear it won't be the last time you hear me chant it. And I'm sorry if it reeks of homespun philosophy, but that's just what it is.  So, while it may be the case that occasionally--at the end of a long day or when I'm so exhausted that just staying upright seems a challenge--I approach cooking with something less than my usual gusto, I nearly always find that just getting on with it can make me wonder what I was dreading in the first place, and why.  But then, the same applies to so many obligations and undertakings that loom over us in life, outside of the kitchen, too.  Fear--of disappointment, inadequacy, failure--seems to make fools of us, causing us to forget what we all unfailingly learn from experience: that not doing what frightens us makes us fear it more rather than less.
-- Nigella Lawson, Nigella Kitchen
(If anyone has a source on this photo, let me know.  I can't find it!)

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