January 13, 2011

Five Things: a Birthday Post for RCA

It's RCA's Birthday today!  Happy Birthday, dear friend!  I can't even begin to tell you how fun it is having RCA as a friend, and I know you are all jealous of my luck.  Trust me: I am jealous of my luck!  In honor of her awesomeness, here are a five things she introduced me to that I'll never ever get over:

Eating whole steamed crabs (photo) and Mussels.
Beautifully made, useful, and simple home goods, like those available at
Toast, (photo)  Labour + Wait,  and Ancient Industries.
Lizbeth Zwerger (This is from her Nutcracker)
Walker Percy and A.S. Byatt
(oh, goodness, and Muriel Spark and Penelope Fitzgerald, too!)
Her beautiful, gracious, exciting, funny, food loving, creative, brilliant, joyful, Christ-centered family!


  1. Thank you so much MP!!! You are the best of friends! I had no idea that I had introduced some of those things to you! Fun :)

  2. Also, I LOVE that pic of Byatt! I have never seen it before. so perfectly strange and intense, and a little frumpy.