January 25, 2011

Emma's Birthday

Happy Birthday Emma!  We've had a lot of birthdays together: there was your 21st where you came home tipsy, sat on the counter and proclaimed for the whole world to hear that "I like tequila!".  And then there was that time we put sparklers on your cake and you jumped about 15 feet in the air when they started... sparking... all over the apartment.  Ah!  I wish that I was in CA celebrating with you today.  I am sure Mr. Knightley has something lovely planed for you.  He's good at that sort of thing.

Truth is, I think I learned to drink with you more than with anyone, so, in case Mr. Knightley doesn't have anything planned, you can pop over to DC, and I'll make you some of these fabulous drinks from Food52.  And then we can fall asleep on the couch watching Little Women.

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