January 14, 2011


+ One of my favorite DIY bloggers found these amazing images of two similar scenes--one historic, and the other contemporary.  They are quite haunting.

+  Restaurant Week begins Monday here in Washington.  If you fail to get a reservation somewhere, take heart: many places are extending their deals through the month of January.

+ The Phillips Museum is celebrating it's 90th birthday this weekend by opening the doors for all to visit. For more information: 90 Years of the Phillips |Free Weekend . (I've only been there to see a special exhibit, so I am not sure what the collection is really like, but, hey, check it out. The house is a beauty, anyway, so that's a treat.)

+ I had no idea making gravlax was so simple and fun.  I am totally doing this. What a lovely tradition!

+ Before I started my book-new-years-resolution, I was reading a lot of detective fiction.  I probably won't read much now, unless Emily Hale and Stearns recommend some more.  Speaking of which, Emily has a post up about detective fiction...and it's great.

+ I'm not going to lie: the best post I read all week was Image Journal's The great CD Sale of 2010:
My first clue that some people might be fanatical about the proceedings occurred at 9:40 on a Saturday morning, when I noticed two cars parked in front of my house.

It was a cold day in early December, and the motors were running. Two figures hunched pensively over their steering wheels, trying not to look at each other. I didn’t recognize the drivers, but I recognized their type; bearded, bespectacled, pasty-faced middle-aged men who looked like they spent far too much time indoors. They were music nerds, looking for deals. At precisely 10:00 a.m., when the sale started, they exited their cars and marched up to the front door. The race was on.

+ Also: a tour of the papal apartments from Catholic TV. Very Very Cool Stuff.

+ Me, elsewhere: On the Caldecott. Pretty green dress. Also, Julie counted me as one of her favorite blog discoveries of 2010.  The feeling is mutual, I can assure you! Thank you!

+ Clearly, all these tidbits are nothing compared to the wonderful news coming from the Vatican yesterday that Servant of God John Paul II will be beatified.  For the full Vatican decree--which, by the way, is fascinating--go here.  I am particularly excited that they singled out his work among the youth. Now what I want to know is: who want's to go with me to Rome on May 1st?

So beautiful.

Next week: Caldecott Winner Reviews on LLB. Unveiling of a new project (I know, I know, I have enough new projects!  But!  But! I can't help myself).  My favorite movies of 2010. A house tour of my bedroom, which is going to be clean. (I am putting this up so that you hold me accountable.)  And lots of Mahler Love.  Because I love Mahler.

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