January 02, 2011

Carol: Star in the East

Though, technically, Epiphany is not until January 6th, the Church is celebrating it today. Here is my favorite Epiphany Carol--an old American Shapenote Hymn--"Star in the East". This recording is of a shape-note sing, and they sing the first verse without word--just with the names of the notes) You can read more about shape note here. (ooops! I just saw that I put in the wrong link here. Here's the real hymn!):


  1. Singing the notes is the most frustrating thing to me.

  2. Colleen9:03 PM

    This puts me in mind of the concert the Collegium at USC did last year at Christmas time--Orlando di Lasso and William Billings. An odd combination, perhaps, but it worked.

  3. oh my gosh! dad would die! :)