December 17, 2010

Quick Holiday DIY

You're done with all your shopping, right?  And work isn't crazy, so you can sit at home and enjoy the warmth of the fire (or radiator if you live in an unromantic block like I do) doing Christmassy things like making paper Christmas trees, and drinking hot chocolate, and dreaming on what you'll wear to all the holiday parties.

I actually am done with my Christmas shopping.  I have a million other things to do, but I have found a few brief moments to make a couple of these Christmas DIYs, and am planning on doing a few more before the holiday season is over.  I think of it as an essential part of Advent: the readying of my hearth and home is a physical manifestation of preparing my heart for the coming of Christ.  He was born in a stable, friends.  The least we can do is spiff up the house a bit.

Well, here are some holiday decorations that I just love:

I have made three of these so far, though I have not yet painted and glittered them. 
But they are really fun and simple.  Magazine trees from MSL via Dangy!

I made a dotted garland once many years ago.  This year, I am sorry to say, will be it's last, but I fully intend on making more.  Garlands are the most fun, and can be whipped out over the course of a movie. Here are some ideas for fun simple garlands (photo). (On the docket for next year: this stunning felt garland.)

My house currently smells like vinegar, because I didn't have the fan on when I made a batch of onion jam. I wish I had made a big bowl of winter potpurri using essential oils.  Perhaps some pommanders will have to do instead. (Potpurri Instructions)

 This one will take considerably more time and equipment than I have right now, but I love it, so I had to post it.  Twinkle Lights and gold paint and empty bottles?  This is clearly the best.

Finally: there are a lot of parties and only so many new dresses...
so make a ribbon, chiffon, and tulle ruffle belt:

And do forget my Holiday DIY's from the past:
paper snowflakes


  1. The glass jars with lights and the festive paper garland above the dining table are both favorite ideas that i think we must do for our Christmas party! The paper garland would be festive with different metallic papers :) Great post!

  2. Anonymous2:29 PM

    For the vinegar smell, just fill a small pot with water, add some lemon juice and cinnamon or other good-smelling spices of your choice, and let it simmer on the stove for a bit. Et voila, great-smelling kitchen! (I live in a tiny bachelor apartment that reeks whenever I cook anything smelly like bacon or curries, so this gets done a lot.)

  3. Colleen12:16 PM

    I wanted to make a holly berry garland, but settled instead on just tossing some holly branches onto the mantle (a knitted hat meant for a gift is taking much longer than I thought it would because the dog tangled my yarn!).

    I am ridiculously pleased not only to have my very own mantle to decorate this year, but a garden full of big holly bushes to cut branches from for decorating. There are certain advantages to life in North Carolina.