December 02, 2010

Jennifer Coffin Pottery Sale

It's that time again: time for Jennifer Coffin's annual pottery sale. You've seen me feature her stuff before, she is my standby source for wedding gifts, (Grubbs, Lindermans, Lanctons: this means you), and I always promote the sale, but this year I am telling you: GO TO THE SALE.  It's going to be great.  If you are within driving distance of Washington, D.C., come by and find some amazing versatile pottery, watercolors, and even some fun felt flowers that RCA made.

The sale runs Friday 12-8 and Saturday 10-5.  10927 Park Road, Fairfax VA 22030.

This year, maybe I'll finally buy a tea pot--I've been meaning to forever.  Or one of her stunning lanterns.

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