December 21, 2010

Jazz Love: Christmas Jazz (2)

I popped into Anthropologie last night to try and find an apron (my treat to myself for finishing Jams by Mags for the year!). I didn't find an apron, but this song came on, and I just fell in love. Turns out it is an Elton John song. I can't believe I am posting an Elton John song. But, goodness gracious, I dare you not to tap your feet and want to dance:

The Puppini Sisters are a sort of nouveau Andrews' Sisters, have a whole album of Christmas music, and I bet it is a blast. (CD, MP3)

The Andrew's Sister's, incidentally, have some great Christmas tunes:

I have a huge collection of Christmas sacred music, so I am trying to beef up my Christmas jazz tunes. It's so tempting to buy all these... But they will be around next year, too.

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