December 17, 2010

Jams by Mags: Closing Out the Year

I am very happy to announce that Jams By Mags is now officially sold out.  I want to thank everyone who ordered some, and who was so supportive of my little venture. Especially Myrna, who has had to put up with a lot of sticky floors and smelly kitchens and never once complained.  And for all my buyers who were so patient with my mailing mistakes and the rather steep learning curve of order fulfillment. And for all those who, I've discovered, have been talking behind my backs about how I could one day make it big doing this.  (Sometimes it's nice to be talked about behind one's back.) Anyway, I will never make it big, and never would have made it this far without all your support and enthusiasm and encouragement, so:


What's next for Jams by Mags? Well I am taking January off to build a better website and get some creative juices flowing again.  I hope to sell some winter preserves (chutney and onion jams) come February, and start up with fruit again, as it comes in season, in March.  And I'll start offering wedding packages and a jam-of-the-month club in the late spring too.  So exciting things!  Stay tuned!

(Photos by Kim Maxwell Vu.)

1 comment:

  1. that's awesome!
    I'd love to order some in the new year-- yummy fruit kind perhaps...

    Kerry (the friend you have not met yet...)