December 15, 2010

Gift Guide: Padre y Hermano

My father and my brother compete for the title of hardest to shop for every single year.  Dad is hard because a) if he wants something he buys it for himself and b) his birthday is 4 measly days later.  My brother is impossible to shop for because his major interests are rather inaccessible to me (and he never reads the books I buy him, so I gave up on that one).  So, these are manly gifts that I would give my Dad or my brother if they weren't the hardest people in the world to shop for. (I didn't get them any of these things, but, I must say, I am pretty proud of what I did get them!)

Bacon of the Month Club ($99)
(or just get him a real smoker)

Pipe Match Strike ($42)

Virginia Johnson iPhone Case ($34)

Out of Print T-Shirt Company ($28) via 5 More Minutes

Pictorial Webster's: A Visual Dictionary ($20)

The Toy Story Trilogy ($59)

Scrappy's Bitters

Wood Whale Desk Organizer ($50)

My dad used to say "No fat no flavor." ($9)

The Fold Wallet ($95)

The San Francisco Symphony's Complete Mahler Recordings on vinyl.

Constellation calendar ($8)

USB Keychain ($27)

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