December 16, 2010

Gift Guide: The One Who Deserves Everything

I don't know about you guys, but my mom deserves a little luxury.  She sends me boxes of California fruit, collects silverware fro me at our local (and gloriously ghetto cheap) thrift store, always is willing to look something up for me on the computer (because I am old school, and don't have a smart phone) (ps. old school means having a cell phone now), but will not complain if I forget to call her for, like, two and a half weeks, always rejoices in your friends happy news, even if she has never met them, and promises to pray for special intentions of friends too, and changes the sheets on your bed at home so they are fresh and crisp and clean and soft when you arrive.

She clearly needs the best gifts ever.  So, what are you waiting for:

Because she looks good in olive, and is always cold:
J.Crew Cashmere Scarf (comes in other colrs) ($99)
Because she taught you everything you know about design:
Rooms to Inspire in the City ($31.50)

Because she always has too much to carry around:
Sea Bags (starting at $99)

Because you know she wants to be cozy while needlepointing (or knitting, or reading, etc.)
Merino Wool Throw ($149)

Because she taught you to love our Mother
Full of Grace by Judith Dupre ($25)

Because she has a sweet tooth ($1.50) (photo)
  Because someone has to fill her stocking (and she loves lavendar): 
Root Soap Company ($5)

Because this is how she makes you feel at Christmas time: filled with wonder
Sparkler Girl Christmas Cards ($16)

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