December 10, 2010

Gift Guide: Nativities

We LOVE nativities in our family. We have bajillions of them.  I love, best of all, the ethnic nativities my mom has collected from a fair trade store in Sonoma--and now we collect them for her. Here are some from Peru.

Alabaster Nativity ($14)

Triptych Retablo Nativity ($28

Serenity Holy Family ($160)

Next week: personal gift guides for some of my favorite people!


  1. aileen wiesner5:05 PM

    I definitely have an affinity for Nativities, but the practical side of me won't let me buy more, since we've got one. I do, however, like the idea of having one that the kids can handle...

  2. They really are a wonderful thing to collect, though, Aileen. They add so much to the Christmas spirit and are much better than having a million snowmen... ;)