December 13, 2010

Gift Guide: For my Sister

Today is the feast of St. Lucy, who is my sister's confirmation patron, so today I am kicking off my personalized gift guides with this one for my awesome sister, whose highschool geology class sunk into her aesthetic deeply, and can wear 99.9% of all colors in the whole world, and makes crepes and writes essays, can make a sweat-skirt from Urban Outfitters look cute, and turns her apartment upside down every 4 weeks in an attempt to reorganize her life because she knows that life is good but it could be so much better, and moving her desk makes it so.

This is a pretty random assortment of stuff, and it is highly personalized for my own sister, but since the gifts are all pretty awesome, I figure you might appreciate a few of them.  She's the person that I know I can get anything random and awesome and she'll love it.  Perhaps you know someone like that too...  (Unfortunately for her: I didn't get her any of these things.)

Purple agate knuckle ring from Brilliance Found ($40)

Vintage Clutch ($14)

Ice-climber in stone from Catbird ($48)

Sly Fox Doorknocker ($24)

Classic striped t-shirt she'll wear everywhere. ($60)

Moroccan throw pillow ($29)

Letterpress poster ($30)

Tomoko Necklace from the awesome little shop
One Sydney Road ($34)

Fashion Drawing in Vogue ed. William Packer ($30)

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