December 14, 2010

Gift Guide: For My Neighbors (Really. Good. Neighbors.)

They aren't just any ordinary neighbors. They are the best neighbors ever. They come over and gab with you while you make jam, and then they buy that same jam that they basically made in the first place. They listen to your swear about something even though they hate swearing. They give you tea, and bring you cookies and let you make them dinner, and pray with you and pray for you and are generally awesome. They are wicked smart, and have the best books, and are unfailingly generous, and are always game for a round of bocce or cutting paper snowflakes, and they never fail to forgive and they always are happy to see you (or if they aren't, you'd never know!). Oh, and they host poetry readings. (Yes...I'm talking about Little Gidding.)

These gifts would do for any dear friend who was awesome. And not all the gifts are girly.

Eyelet Letter Press notecards ($16
from Pistachio Press/Felt + Wire (an awesome shop)

Celia Birtwell Kitchen Drawer Tool Kit ($32)

Maria Kalman's And the Pursuit of Happiness ($20)

The Original Tea Stick from La Cuisine ($13

Sixteenth Century Polyphonic Music for Compline ($18)

Year of Nesting 2010 Calendar ($60)

Vintage Etched Cordial Glasses ($21)

Fair Trade Ethiopian Coffee ($9.95 for 12 oz)

Persephone Books A-Book-A-Month Subscription

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1 comment:

  1. Colleen6:05 PM

    Those vintage etched cordial glasses are the same pattern as my husband's grandmother's dessert/sorbet glasses (which we inherited)! That's neat.

    Stile Antico produce some really beautiful recordings. Sometimes they're a little too "clean" for my taste, but I'm very glad that they include lesser-known composers in their albums.