December 03, 2010

Clippings: Special Video Edition

It's Friday.  You're finally done being a Scrooge about the Christmas stuff everywhere, because its finally Advent and anyway there is only so long you can resist the charm of twinkle lights.  The glorious weekend approaches; it will be filled with happy adventures, like stalking the wild Christmas tree, or standing in line at the post office.  But before all that: you have 5 more hours in the office, five more hours till you're free.

So, here are five videos for your pleasure and edification:

My sister was laughing so hard at this that all the people in the coffee shop stopped and stared. I don't know why I am ashamed to admit it, but cat videos are the BEST. EVER.

(There are 352 dislikes on this. Who is such a curmudgeon that they actively dislike something as vibrant and charming and lovely as this? Especially when other people are clearly having so much fun.)

RCA and I went to see Harry Potter in IMAX on wednesday. (It was awesome.) And this will be our next movie date. Fact: we love the British.

The girls in my highschool choir loved singing this song (in English) about Mary at Christmastime. Thanks to Sally Thomas for reminding me of it.

And finally, another film by my brilliant friend Eric:

Also: today is the LAST DAY for special orders of Jams by Mags.  After today, I will only be selling any extra stock I have.  Pop over to my etsy shop to get a special order made!  And those of you who have ordered, I would be so grateful if you left feedback on Etsy.  Thanks!

And don't forget to check out Little Lamb Books, which has been very busy this week with new release reviews, and Christmas books too!

Finally, because we can't be all fun and games: the Holy Father's prayer intention for December: That our personal experience of suffering may be an occasion for better understanding the situation of unease and pain which is the lot of many people who are alone, sick or aged, and stir us all to give them generous help. (HT)

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