December 27, 2010

Carol: The Wexford Carol

The secretary at my high-school was one of the coolest women we knew. She was an artist, she never flinched at the sight of blood, and was always understanding when you were late (but firm with the rules, too.) She helped us carve wax molds for metal jewelery, and was just generally wonderful. When she asked us to learn this Celtic carol, we could not resist, and it became a favorite of the choir to sing. The first verse we sang with only the female voices--they went perfectly together, weaving gentle and warm harmonies. (We repeated the first verse at the end of the carol, too.)

It is still one of my very favorite carols to sing. I am humming it basically from the first Sunday in Advent through Epiphany. This is the best recorded version I know, though I think it is best heard in Church, with a robust congregation chiming in.

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  1. WOW. Thank you for sharing this. I absolutely love both Alison and Yo-Yo Ma.