November 18, 2010

Thursday Songs

I need a song for Thursday.  Thursday gets no love.  I mean, there are lots of Monday songs, and lots of Friday songs, and Tuesday and Wednesday, mutable and interesting, are content with being NOT Monday, so they don whatever song suits your mood. But Thursday is so decidedly not Friday, that it rarely gets any love.

Every one keeps sending me the Cure's "It's Friday I'm In Love" song.  But that's a Friday song, my friends, and poor little thursday doesn't get any love in it.  (The music video, on the other hand, is fabulously weird.)

My friend C sent me along this link to Blender Mag's top Thursday songs.  I was intrigued--Donovan!  David Bowie! How could this go wrong?  The David Bowie one was pretty awful. And the others ...gah!

Now, the Donovan one is classically trippy and interesting if you like that sort of thing.  I do. (Side note: "trippy" is not in the Google dictionary.  It is highlight as misspelled.  What would the correct spelling be, pray tell?  "tripy" clearly refers to a klutz and "tripey" to that odd smell you get when you go to the fish market on a heavy humid day.  "Trippy" remains.  Right Click-scroll-"Add to Dictionary").

So, here's Donovan anyway, because I love him, and besides, Thursday is a rather trippy day.

And here's some more Donovan, just because I feel like it!

(Of course, there is one essential and magnificent Thursday song...but its only for one Thursday, and that Thursday is still a week away...)

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