November 02, 2010

Papal Visit to Barcelona

The bell-towers of La Sagrada Famalia

I confess, I won't be following the Papal visit to Barcelona as closely as I did his recent trip to Britain.  Partly because I assume all the content will be in Spanish, (or Catalan!), which I don't speak.  But I am following the trip via my friend, The Courtier, who's family is from Barcelona, and who is keeping a close eye on all the proceedings, and updating all of us silly Americans.  He's dedicating his blog to the Papal visit this week, so if you're interested, please visit The Blog of the Courtier every morning.  (You can catch up his past posts here.)

Today he is talking about the dedication mass of the (designate) Basilica, La Sagrada Famalia, in Barcelona.  Sunday's papal mass will have 7000 people present, and the main ticket holders are the builders and construction men who are working to bring this remarkable church to completion.  I think that's really cool that they get to go (and have seats!).

(And should you ever want to visit Barcelona, check out his second blog, Catholic Barcelona, which presents the churches of Barcelona, with in-depth history, photographs, and lots of other fascinating tidbits. I've quit commenting on Catholic Barcelona, because I just kept saying every day: I want to go there.  I want to go there. Ah!  Someday!)

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