November 29, 2010

Gift Guides + LLB + Jams by Mags Special Orders

Photo by Kim Maxwell Vu

I've always wanted to do a gift guide here on 10KP, so I have been collecting, slowly but surely, a growing list of awesome, quirky, handmade and bookish gifts perfect for everyone on your list.  I will be posting one every day from now till...well...I run out, I suppose.  They will post every afternoon at 4, and the noon post will be dedicated to the random and regular features of the week.

Also note: on Little Lamb Books I am posting daily reviews of new picture books and re-posting in the afternoon reviews of my favorite Christmas books.  I will be including links via Barnes and Noble and IndieBound, for those of you who don't like Amazon.  Remember, I get a (very small) cut of everything you buy through my LLB links--and 10% of what I earn I give to literacy charities.  And the rest goes back to developing the blog and my other projects.

Finally, as if this post wasn't advertisement enough, a Jams by Mags update.  Most of my jams are sold out on special orders before I even get the chance to post them on Etsy.  So, here's what I'll be making in the next couple weeks.  If you want a special order, contact me through Etsy, or via email (bymags-at-gmail-dot-com).  Big orders for Christmas (more than 6 jars) will have to be made this week, and there are some limits of availability:

Pear with Vanilla and Bourbon
Pear and Pomegranate
(Almost) Paradise Jelly*
Chestnut Jam
Onion Compote with Thyme and Balsamic
Spicy Apple Butter
Mint Jelly

*(Almost) Paradise Jelly refers to the old combination of quince, apple, and cranberry.  This is a combo of pear, apple, and cranberry, and therefore is "almost" Paradise.

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  1. The spicy apple butter, if I may be so bold, is proof that great things come in small packages.