November 16, 2010

Five Photos of November: Part 2

When RCA and I started this Five Photos project, she remarked to me that it was so nice to be doing something with intention.  I had to agree; though I put a lot of work into my blogs, 10KP tends to be just random fun stuff without much rhyme or reason.

I've been thinking a lot about intention recently.  In fact, it was very much on my mind on Saturday, as I attended the solemn profession of my dear Dominicans.  Seven men stood up and dedicated themselves to Christ and the Church permanently and finally.  It was very beautiful, needless to say, but what struck me the most was how their whole lives had been a preparation for this one moment.  (I'm sure my whole life is a preparation for something too, but what?)

Anyway, our photos this week were done with a little less intention than last week--poor RCA was sick, and I was distracted by different obligations.  A couple photos from Sunday snuck in there, as a result.  Because even the best intentions need a little flexibility.

Clockwise from left: some goblets and a Chinese vase in an Alexandria shop window; The Majestic is high on my list of places to explore; Dominican Frias making their solemn profession (the one in the back is the one who coined the term "Solemn Tea"); sunlight and trees--a beautiful fall weekend; and my beloved jars of jam (now almost all sold and gone!)

Lets see what RCA has posted for us:  (Find last week's photos here.)

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