November 23, 2010

Five Photos November: Part 3

Well, I am going to be lame and include Sunday photos like I did last week. See, my photos from the morning were on a separate roll, and I forgot to develop them. And my pictures from the evening are all of Breezewood, Pennsylvania, the half-way point from here to Pittsburgh. It's one of those junction towns lit by thousands of fluorescent signs for gas stations, bad burger joints, and...Starbucks. But Sunday morning we went to St. Paul Cathedral, and to the Cathedral of Learning on Pitt's campus. Which was all great fun and the photos were so good that I had to include them in my collage. So here you go:

And here's RCA's:

Also: Week 1, Week 2.


  1. Hmmm...I see no evidence of O Fries in this montage.

  2. and I couldn't find a Pimanti Brothers anywhere, either.

  3. Too bad, Maggie, there's one about 1/2 a block from the cathedral of learning. I LOVE Primanti Bros!!! The pictures are great! :)

    -Margaret Ryland